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The Australian Dollar (AUD) serves as the official currency of Australia, symbolized by the "$" sign. Adopted in 1966, it replaced the Australian pound, marking a pivotal shift to a decimalized currency system. This transition reflected Australia's evolving economic landscape and global integration.

Currency Details
Symbol: $
Subunits: 1 Dollar = 100 cents

Banknotes and Coins
The AUD is available in both coins and banknotes:

5 cents
10 cents
20 cents
50 cents
1 dollar
2 dollars

5 dollars
10 dollars
20 dollars
50 dollars
100 dollars
The banknotes and coins of the AUD feature distinct designs, representing Australia's diverse culture, natural beauty, and iconic landmarks.

History and Background
The Australian Dollar has been the official currency of Australia since 1966, replacing the Australian pound. Its introduction marked the country's transition to a decimalized currency system. The dollar has since become one of the world's most traded currencies, reflecting Australia's strong economy and global presence.

Economic Significance
Understanding the AUD is vital for effectively navigating Australia's dynamic economy and richly diverse society. Australia's economy encompasses various sectors, including mining, agriculture, tourism, and finance, all contributing to its growth and stability. The value of the dollar is influenced by factors such as commodity prices, interest rates, and global market conditions.

Usage and Exchange
The AUD is widely accepted across Australia for all types of transactions. Foreign currency exchange services are available at banks, exchange bureaus, and airports throughout the country. Major credit cards are commonly used, providing convenience for both residents and visitors.