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Real Time Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated at: July 14, 2024 16:00
Code Currency name Country Buying rate Selling rate #
AUD Australian Dollar Australia $0.649386
GBP British Pound United Kingdom $1.258275
CAD Canadian Dollar Canada $0.698537
CNY Chinese Yuan China $0.130986
EUR European Euro EU $1.069987
IQD Iraqi Dinar Iraq $0.000649
IQD 1,540.832049
IQD 848.896435
JPY Japanese Yen Japan $0.006129
MXN Mexican Peso Mexico $0.054235
SGD Singapore Dollar Singapore $0.702568
SGD 1.423350
SGD 1.275551
CHF Swiss Franc Switzerland $1.099422
CHF 0.909569
CHF 0.866318
USD US Dollar United States $1.000000
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Why Choose FX Broker for Currency Exchange?

At FX Broker, we are committed to providing you with the best rates and excellent service for your currency exchange. Here's why you should choose us:
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How can we help you?

While we offer the best rates on the market, we will price match in case a competitor is providing cheaper ones. All you have to do is notify us! Once we verify that they have the currency in stock and check for additional fees, we will give you the best deal on the market.

While FX broker strives hard to cater to its walk-in clients, you are advised to call your nearest branch beforehand. Verily, our representative will guide you accordingly, so you know what documentation you need to bring on your visit.

Yes. FX broker no longer exchanges outdated versions of notes, bills. FX broker no longer exchanges outdated versions of notes, bills.

FX broker currently does not accept coins.

The buy rate is when FX broker buys the customers foreign currency. On the other hand, the sell rate is when FX broker sells the customer foreign currency.

No,we do not impose fees for foreign currency exchange transactions. Our website displays up-to-date exchange rates for various foreign currencies. Simply input your desired transaction: how much USD you want for your foreign currency, or how much USD is needed to buy a specific foreign currency. Remember, exchange rates fluctuate constantly, so refresh your browser regularly for the most accurate conversion.

For your foreign currency exchange, we offer two convenient payment options: Cash: Pay with cash directly at our location. There are no surprise fees with this method. Debit Card: We accept debit cards for your transaction, with a transparent 3% fee applied.

Clients are not required to have their social security cards with them when they are conducting a transaction. They must simply input their social security number into our system database. Also, we do retain copies of all the documents required for all the particular transactions that are conducted For transactions under $1,000 USD, a valid driver's license, state ID, or any other government-issued photo ID will suffice. However, transactions exceeding $1,000 USD require a government-issued driver's license, passport, or state ID along with your social security number or taxpayer identification number. Additionally, proof of local residency within the US is mandatory. For particularly large transactions, be prepared to provide further documentation as needed. Note: For your transaction, there's no need to physically bring your social security card. Simply enter the number directly into our secure system. We maintain copies of all required identification documents for each completed transaction